What Is Video Marketing?

What Is Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing, as the name implies, is the use of videos to communicate to a target audience. In the case of internet marketing, this target audience is a market segment.  Video marketing is an effective promotional tool that raises product awareness and builds brand recognition.  The best thing about this marketing tool is that it allows you to present product or company information in as little time as possible in a very engaging manner.

Why Should You Go For Video Marketing?

Videos are more captivating than other mediums of advertising. In this day and age where the internet is thriving with all things flashy and entertaining, competition for an internet citizen’s wandering attention (and a very fleeting one at that) is cutthroat.  More than that; videos, especially the well-made ones, can also retain attention, and you know how attention span is not very substantial on the internet.

Videos are also more credible.  This is because your audience can actually see more than the hype, especially if your videos actually show what the product is for, how it should be used and how effective it is. It makes benefits more tangible, and therefore, there is a higher chance for conversion.

Video marketing is also geared for target marketing. When people actually click on a video link, they don’t usually do that randomly.  They click that link with the purpose of watching a video clip that they were searching for.  That is why you are assured that whoever took time to look for your video and to actually check it out, is someone who is interested at what you offer.

Finally, what makes video marketing such a good marketing tool is that it has a viral nature.  Anyone who gets to see a video that is fun to watch or very informative would most likely want to pass it on or share it with friends.  It would also start discussions, and therefore, generate buzz.

Video Marketing Essentials

Punch – Video marketing campaigns should resonate; it has to have an emotional ‘kick’ (or punch).  You do not have to make a video that is life-altering.  What you can do is make one that would appeal to your audience the most.  You know how it is practically impossible to please everyone, so try to ‘talk’ to those who are most likely to be pleased.  Of course, for this to work, you need to have a good understanding of your target market.

Content – Videos should be credible and should have understandable (read: simple) content.  Try not to overtly sound like a salesperson.  Content should be informative and creative.  Use slogans, taglines and buzzwords.  You should talk in the customer or client’s language (avoid jargon), which brings us to the next point on the list.

Customer Perspective – Yes, only the customer’s perspective (not yours) matters, at least in video marketing.  What do you think your customers want to see?  The truth is, more often that not, they couldn’t care less about your company’s history, facilities, or executives, especially during the very early stages of the buying cycle.  What customers want to know about is what they can receive from you, particularly the benefits and utility of the products.  You should present a solution to a problem, an answer to a question, and in this case, a product that can address a need/want.

Short – Not many people have enough time for 30-minute advertisements.  Make your video as short as possible, without compromising its content.  It’s also good to let customers know how long exactly it will be, especially if it’s a very short video.  Capitalize on the fact that it is, well, a short video.  Save the screen casts and detailed product shows for later, when the site visitor decides that you have something he/she can benefit from.

Technical aspects – Consider the sound, the location, the background and the format of your video.  Is it an animation?  Is it a clip of you saying/doing something?  Is it a photo-based flash presentation?  What kid of sound effects will you use?  Note that sound effects and a good background would make your videos look more professional and establish a tone.

Optimized – Your video marketing campaign tools should be optimized for the internet.  Choose keywords and tags that would target your, well, target market.  If you want to generate buzz and discussion, post your video on a blog.  You may also want to come up with a video transcription.  This way, the search engines, who have always liked videos, can properly index your content.

‘Show, don’t tell’ is the best way to communicate messages, particularly marketing messages.  Well, it has always worked for award-winning short stories and novels; and yes, it should work on videos used for marketing strategies as well.  After all, aren’t videos supposed to tell a story too?

On the internet, where attention is flimsy, if you aren’t telling a good story, you cannot tell a story.  Tell a good story through a video marketing campaign and breathe more life to your internet business.

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