What Is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing

Email Marketing

No, email marketing is not dead, as what followers of the spam-killed-email-marketing school of thought claims. Quite the contrary; there is significant proof that email marketing remains a very effective marketing tool. For example, in an survey commissioned by Forbes Media, called the “Ad Effectiveness Survey”, it was revealed that email, along with e-newsletter marketing is considered to be second only to SEO in terms of converting mere visitors to customers.

When you look up definitions of email marketing, you would most likely bump into the phrase ‘the use of email to communicate marketing messages’. However, it doesn’t end there. Email marketing has many facets and there are a lot of other things coming into play. Messages sent via email can be in different formats; it can include HTML, text, images or maybe even a link to a video clip.

What Makes Up Email Marketing?

Email marketing doesn’t just stop at creating text and pressing the send button. Note that there are two facets involved in it—the first part is developing content and the other is list building. Both parts would require careful planning.

In developing content, you should make sure that you don’t burn your readers out. Your subscribers can get tired if you send content that is not related to what they expect, or when they are pushed too hard to do something via call-to-action script. Don’t send them mail in such frequency that can only be deemed ‘spammy’.

Create content that would address their needs and wants. Make them hear what they wanted to hear, but do not engage in misleading advertising. Also, make sure that your copies are of good quality, grammar and content wise. It will reflect badly on your company if you send out emails that look so haphazardly put-together.

In list building, not only do you exert effort to convince people to opt in your subscriber list; you should also consider subscriber retention, and that you aren’t breaking the law in the process. There are now legal clauses against spamming that would get you in trouble if you send out unsolicited emails; so make sure the people in your list have given you their permission.

Your subscribers, despite your desire to keep them, might want to unsubscribe. These things happen. Just make sure that they can easily do so. Don’t make subscribers feel that you tricked them into opting in, and staying in.

What Makes Email Marketing Effective?

Target marketing – With email marketing, you can easily personalize your email or newsletter content, and we aren’t just talking about inserting customer’s names in the salutations. Prior to handing out these newsletters, you should study your market and group your subscribers into market segments.

Create content or format the contents in such a way that would communicate better with the said market segment. You would also get to know more about your market by studying how someone responds to an email. What topics or products do they want to learn more about? You can find out by studying the click-through.

Loyalty Building – Email marketing gives you a chance to enhance your relationship with your customer/clients. Make sure that not all your emails are overtly ‘selling’ your company. It can be a how-are-we-doing letter or an after-purchase survey. When your subscribers opted in, they expected something, make sure that you deliver and what you explicitly promised. If you advertised that subscribers get advanced notices for clearance sales, make sure that they get that.

Low-cost – Emails doesn’t cost that much. Of course you might have to acquire the services of a email hosting service. That is to make sure that your newsletters get sent out as planned. Note that reliability is a big factor in list building, particularly subscriber retention.

Viral Marketing – Email marketing can be a powerful marketing tool as well. For one, you can “brand” your newsletter with your company name, links and logos. Now, if you develop content that is very share-worthy, it is very easy for your subscribers to forward this message along to their friends and associated, especially that it is already in email format.

Fast – With email marketing, there is no need for you to wait for your advertisement to appear somewhere. It is right there on the subscriber’s inbox, ready to be accessed anytime needed/wanted. It also takes just a few seconds to send them, and seconds to load them as well.

Brand Recognition – Aside from the fact that you can literally brand your newsletters with your company logo, it also builds brand recognition because it promotes your product, or give helpful information regarding your company in a more direct manner. It is data-driven so your subscribers actually get facts, and not just rumors. In addition to that, regularly hearing from you would of course solidify that brand recall.

Email marketing has been around for some time now, and while it has lost its novelty, it certainly hasn’t lost its effectiveness as a good internet marketing tool.

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