Social Marketing Trends For 2014

social marketing trends

Social Marketing Trends

There are many types of internet marketing strategies that can help your online business. However, one of the most popular campaigns available today is social marketing. Social media can help you get more revenues.  In fact, 70% of consumers will likely try a particular brand or product based on what their friends posted on their social networking sites.

Social media marketing is very appealing today among internet marketers. However, just like any other internet marketing campaign, it is important that you understand that the trends of this particular internet marketing strategy change from time to time. And with the year 2013 coming to its end, it is important that you know about the trends of social marketing for 2014.

There are many speculations on what will become of social networking sites to make social media marketing more effective. Perhaps Twitter will become a newsroom in the future or Facebook will focus from paid ads to paid content. Whatever the trends may be, it is certain that there will definitely be more changes expected in social media marketing for the following year. Below is a discussion on the different trends in social media marketing applicable in 2014.

There Will Be an Increase of Internet Marketers Preferring Social Media Marketing

It is expected that the following year will be the year when many internet marketers will prefer social media marketing. Currently, there are more people logging online in Facebook or Twitter compared to other websites and this increase number of people patronizing social networking sites can pave the way to more internet marketers shifting from conventional internet marketing strategies to social media marketing.

Consumers Now Become Marketers

Currently, many online entrepreneurs enjoy the benefit of social media when it comes to passive advertising. With social media, internet marketers no longer need to actively solicit their sites to prospect companies. If your consumers find that your business is  relevant, then they will be the ones to share your profile to their friends and acquaintances who, in turn, will share it with other people. In fact, social media marketing is a great way to build relationships with other people within no time at all.

Companies Now Have More Social Influence with Their Consumers

More than getting high conversion and revenue, social media marketing also upholds the social influence of companies to their consumers. Aside from selling your products and services to your consumers, you can also share important tips and insider secrets to make your clients lives better. You can also use social media marketing in order to announce important events to keep them updated.  By using social media, you can uphold your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Social Media Will Be Used As the Main Communication Channel among Businesses

Another important trend in social marketing that will likely happen in 2014 is that most businesses will now consider it as their main communication channel. Currently, most online entrepreneurs assign a staff that is totally dedicated to answering inquiries from their clients. Moreover, most online marketers prefer social media marketing because it is easier to communicate with other people. In fact, there have been many surveys that indicate that more private individuals have a better online presence in social networking sites than other communication platforms on the internet.

Social Media Channels Are Integrated

The integration of different social networking sites is no longer new but in 2014, this trend will be more popular as there are now many apps that allow you to share content from one social networking site to the other through syndication. For instance, Facebook now allows syndication of blogs by using automated software.

Social Marketing Helps Build Reputations of Businesses

Social media marketing is one of the most important internet marketing strategies that help businesses build their reputation. Currently, there are many people who opt to transact with businesses that have a social media presence. Most consumers believe that businesses that maintain an online presence on social networking sites have a better reputation than those who do not. In fact, there are many businesses that have moved their customer service to social networking sites as more and more people make inquiries from there than their official websites.

Social Media Affects Consumer Decisions

One of the most important trends in social media marketing is that it helps influence consumer decisions. The best thing about social media marketing is that people within your network can use social networking sites to create testimonials or reviews to a particular product or service. The reviews or testimonials usually influence decisions of many consumers. In fact, many people think it is more reliable to look at reviews and testimonies from social networking sites than in conventional review sites.

SEO Shifts to Social Media Marketing

Haven’t you noticed that when you search for a particular name of a company, search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing now include social media profiles on the page results? For instance, companies that have profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook often get on the top of search pages. By building your profile, it will be easier for prospective clients to see you in the page results.

Promotions Are Easier With Social Networking Sites

For the upcoming year, it will become easier for businesses to launch their promotions through social networking sites. Most internet marketers are starting to use social networking sites in order to launch their promotions. It is easier for prospective clients to learn about promotions because they are visiting the social networking sites regularly throughout the day for personal and business reasons.

Social media marketing will be the hype in the internet marketing arena and it is expected that 2014 will be the year when most internet marketers will be relying on it extensively to market their products and services. If you are new to internet marketing, then you should consider using this particular internet marketing strategy in order to promote your company to your targeted audience.

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