Online Marketing Trends For 2014

online marketing trends

Online Marketing Trends

The internet has played a major role when it comes to marketing products and services of different companies. In the past few years, there are some internet marketing techniques that became popular while there are some that have been completely forgotten because they are no longer feasible in today’s society.

The trends in internet marketing change all the time together with the evolution of the World Wide Web. It is therefore important that we know about the different online marketing trends so that we will be able to ride on with the changes and as the year 2014 is nearing, what better time to discuss about the online marketing trends for next year is now.

Content Marketing Is Still Important

One of the reasons why online businesses become successful is because they have established their authorities in the niche that they are familiar with. The best way to do this is content marketing. The adage “Content is king” will be popular next year as more an more people log on to the internet to look for the information that they need. On the other hand, content marketing is also a great way for companies to gain the trust of their clients as well as to establish rapport.

If you are an internet marketer, there are many ways for you to build your content and aside from writing articles in article directories; you can also write case studies, newsletters and post relevant and guest posts on other people’s blogs.

Although content marketing is a great way to generate inbound links, it is important that the trend of content marketing for 2014 is not about link building through articles but producing valuable as well as engaging content that are geared towards your target audience.

Image-Centric Content Will Be More Popular

Today, most consumers prefer to look at content that are easily digestible and what better way to digest information than to present it using pictographs, infograph and other images.  This particular online marketing trend is still related to social media marketing but this trend deserves its own subheading considering that there are now many image-centric sites that people use in order to share different information with other people.

Examples of image-centric sites include Pinterest and Buzzfeed. In fact, these sites are responsible for making some images in the past to go viral.

The best thing about using pictures and posting on image-centric sites is that images are very easy to understand and that potential clients no longer need to read the entire content to understand what the promotion is all about.

This particular, internet marketing trend will not make text-based contents obsolete but it is one of the best ways to make text-based contents more interesting to read. Thus if you haven’t employed this particular internet marketing strategy this year, make sure that you implement it the following year so that you can reap more benefits from it.

Diversity In Social Marketing

Social marketing is already popular today but it will get even more popular in the following years. The trend in social marketing is that most internet marketers are required to explore a plethora of social media platforms to promote their social marketing strategies. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, internet marketers will also be expected to use other social media sites like Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. With the myriad of options offered to internet marketers, it is now easier for them to promote their products and services to an even wider marketing channel.

Less Of Everything Is More

When it comes to making marketing messages, it is important that you realize that less will always be more. This trend is also very crucial when building a website. Many consumers have already felt burned out by constantly seeing loud ads and outrageous website layout. Toning down your campaign as well as your website layout will be more attractive to your clients. If you notice, almost all successful businesses follow this trend.

Mobile Content Is Important

If you are designing a website, it is important that you design your content and also your website layout to support mobile browsing. It is expected that 2014 will be the year when the number of people owning smart phones and other internet-ready mobile devices will double or even triple. Because of the convenience that it provides, many people now access the internet from their mobile devices. However, it is important to take note that websites that easily load in conventional desktop or laptop computers can support mobile browsing. For this reason, it is important that you consider the mobile content and design of your site first. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy more website traffic to your site. Using a responsive web design or creating an alternate mobile version of your website are two great choices in building a mobile-friendly site.

Social Signals and SEO Will Be More Popular

Social signal is related to social marketing and although they do not have more weigh in search engine optimization (SEO) compared with conventional inbound links, they now provide a great way to improve the organic search ranking of websites using local SEO. Examples of social signals include people sharing your posts or images in their own social networking profiles, using hash tags related to your company or actively commenting on your social media posts. Currently, both social signals and local SEO are used in internet marketing. What it does is that search engines index websites that have been talked about by other people in the World Wide Web. Moreover, having a social media profile also helps in launching local SEO. This is the reasons why when people search for a particular keyword related to your niche, search pages often display your Facebook profile on the top pages.

The internet marketing trends for 2014 will be more dynamic and it is important that you consider these trends when it comes to launching your online marketing campaign next year. By doing so, you will be able to get a lot of traffic and exposure to your site.

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