What Is A Domain Name and Where To Get One?

Prior to explaining what a domain name is I want to express to you precisely why we want one, as the answers compliment one another. The web is simply a huge collection of linked computers (a network). For the purpose of explaining domain names you can visualize the web a tad like the telephone system and similiar to the telephone system each pc on the web comes with it’s very own phone number except an Internet phone number is called an IP address. This address is comprised of no more than 12 digits in the form 123.456.789.321.  Computers use these IP addresses to deliver info to each other over the web.

When the World wide web was first developed it immediately became obvious why IP addresses weren’t easy to remember and an alternative solution was necessary in order to make these addresses a lot more people friendly. Can you picture what a headache it would become if you owned a web site address [http://257.311.812.455/[]|] or an email address like [yourname@257.311.812.455/[]|]?

These addresses are doable but not really easy to remember. On the other hand, if you register a domain name, you’re able to create a web site address like “yourcompany.com” and an email address like [yourname@yourcompany.com[]|]. These are usually a lot easier to remember and also look a hundred times more professional.

Exactly what section of the web site address is the domain name?

Example:  http://www.mrsnipes.com

The “http://” informs your internet browser what sort of info it is about to obtain along with how to get it.

The “www” is short for “world wide web” which includes all information obtainable on the web.

The “mrsnipes” is the domain name and most of the time is also the name of your web site or online business.

The “.com” is the Top Level Domain or the extension. You can find numerous extensions available for your consideration.

Top Level Domains

TLDs can be broken down into two groups: gTLDs (generic top level domains) and ccTLDs (country code top level domains).

Generic Top Level Domains:

.com – commercial, unrestricted

.net – networks, unrestricted

.org – organizations, unrestricted

.gov – US government

.edu – US education

.info – informational, unrestricted

.biz – business

.mil – US military

.museum – museums

.coop – cooperatives

Country Code Top Level Domains:

There are over 240 ccTLDs which correspond to country codes. Using a ccTLD is the same as utilising the widely used gTLDs, plus you’ll have an improved opportunity to obtain the domain name you desperately want, instead of settling for a .com domain name that may be merely so-so.

Domain Registration

If you conclude you would like to utilize a domain name in the top level domain “.com”, like “mrsnipes.com” you would need to have this name assigned via the registry that handles that top level domain (for .com a US company called VeriSign). The procedure for getting assigned a domain name is called domain registration.

Domain registration is a lot more similar to a lease than a purchase. You are renting the domain (the “mrsnipes” bit) from Verisign for a certain period of time typically around 1 and 10 years at a time. The vast majority of organizations which permit you to register a domain name impose a fee for every 12 months that you register the domain for. With virtually all domain names you’re at the same time offered the choice to renew your registration (lease) when it’s close to running out (expiring).

An essential element that you may not have considered right away is how much control you have over your domain name(s). The key is using a organization that carries a well regarded reputation. Reputations speak for themselves. The organization you decide on needs to have exceptional customer support and a user-friendly control panel so that you can effortlessly modify your domain name settings.

The Aftermarket

Unless the domain name you desire to register is really unique, I would not count on it being available for registration using the “.com” extension. That’s not saying it’s not available for purchase, however. Once you seek to register your name, and you discover that it has already been registered, proceed straight to the web address on the internet, and find out what’s there. Occasionally there will be an established website, sometimes you’ll encounter nothing but an error page, and at times you will see that the domain name is for sale by owner. You can then make an effort to contact the actual owner to acquire the domain on the aftermarket.

Domain names are typically more costly on the aftermarket, therefore be prepared to shell out more than you would if you were registering the domain name through a provider such as GoDaddy.com.

What can a Domain Name contain?

· Letters

· Numbers

· Dashes (-)

They can’t consist of any spaces or symbols anywhere in the domain and they can not begin or end in a dash. Including the top level domain (like .com), you have 67 characters to work with which offers you plenty of opportunity to register a keyword rich and target audience specific domain. Nevertheless attempt to keep your domain as condensed as it can be because a few web browsers return error messages if the domain name exceeds 58 characters.

Why should you get a domain name?

If you would like your website discovered on the Web, you need one. But in addition to just identifying your website, your domain name is your personality, your identity, ones calling card in the internet world. Select it prudently and maintain it.

Lots of people will be misled thinking they’re going to acquire his or her domain/s when they have a need for it or once the proper time arrives. The issue is once they eventually get around to it, their particular domain has been grabbed up sometime ago, and now they have to start again from square one. Quite a few have identified this specific trap so they register their domain names right away to hold them until they decide to use them. Hence for a few bucks, they safeguard their future business idea.

Your Personal Website

Domain name selection for your own personal web site is considerably easier. You can simply title the site after your name such as suesmith.com or after your profession like nursebetty.com. You most likely have a greater possibility of obtaining your exact name as a domain if it is less common than Smith or Jones.


There are at present tough regulations from ICANN and InterNIC that restrict you from acquiring other people’s trademarks and registering them as a domain name. For example, eBay is a trademarked name so anyone who owned the name previously would have to give it back without any kind of payout to eBay. The same goes for virtually any trademarked name.

We highly suggest that you keep clear of trademarked brands and expensive lawsuits.

Your Goods and Services

This is among the most effective method for you to expand your brand name on the internet. A great number of businesses reserve a domain name according to upcoming campaigns not even finished yet. They depend on researching the market and predictions to foresee demand for their unique goods and services.

As a result they brand their domain name after their goods and services. Whenever it officially hits the marketplace, it generates a buzz and consumers swarm from everywhere to purchase it. The blue pill is a superb case in point. Search engines like google shoot it up to the top of their listings and maintain it there provided that the site visitors and search phrase requests are consistent.

That being said if you have a product or service you’re sure is destined for success, acquire its domain today and ensure that it stays concealed from the public eyesight until you are prepared to launch. Doing this, you are able to concentrate on your project and not have to worry about if your ideal domain name will be taken by somebody else.

HOW to keep your domain name in good health

Above all, now that you have gotten your domain name, make sure not to relinquish it! Probably the most typical way for individuals to lose a domain name is by not renewing it before it expires. When you register the domain name, you are going to be asked to supply an administrative e-mail contact. All future communication concerning your domain name will be delivered to that e-mail address, including expiration notices.

If you change e-mail addresses and fail to update your address with your domain registrar, notices will not reach you. Similarly, it is best to update any change of home address or contact number with your domain registrar, just in case. Put your registrar onto the list of networks you would notify if you were to relocate, and you will steer clear of this common trap.

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