M. R. Snipes pictureHi, M. R. Snipes here:

I would like to personally thank you for visiting www.mrSnipes.com“Essential Tools and Education For Online Internet Marketing Success”.

The purpose of this site is to be a One-Stop-Shop for the education and tools you will need in your quest for building an online business.

This site is considered a BLOG.  On the home page, you will find blog posts for the past ten days.

Each day a new blog post will be published on an internet marketing related topic.  With fresh new content being added daily, I invite you to visit often and potentially learn something new that will benefit you and  add value to your business. :-)

I have meticulously explored the internet for the best quality content to present on this site.  If you are a “newbie” or someone who is on a tight budget, there are quite a few FREE resources at your disposal to download.

There are many different categories of content on this blog (too many to explore in one visit) and for that reason I highly recommend you take time now to BOOKMARK this site into your “Favorites” to maintain easy access and revisit often…go ahead I’ll wait for you.  :-)

I would also like to take a second to introduce you to a friend and mentor of mine, Mr. Chris Farrell.  I started this website/blog based on the knowledge gained through his teachings.  At the bottom of this site there should be a light blue pop-up bar with the words “FREE WEBINAR”.

Chris has given me permission to give my visitors the right to download copies of his recorded webinar videos on various internet marketing topics.  I highly encourage you to enter your email address and download a webinar or two to experience his wealth of knowledge.  I guarantee you will be impressed with Chris’s teaching style (it is step-by-step…literally).

Again, thank you for visiting www.mrSnipes.com … my goal is that you have an enriched learning experience.

-Do It Now & Make It Happen-

M. R. Snipes


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